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The Journey

God made Woman special, her strength stands tall when the storm rise, her tears are from her passion in her caring, her LOVE is the glue that keeps it all together.

Purpose: Becoming my Better, Best, Self

Motivate, Uplift and Encourage, Empower

Woman working together changing lives

Volunteer, Participate, or Donate

A New Journey Begins Let's Get Started 

A Woman’s Heart

One of the most beautiful things in the world is a woman’s heart. It is fragile yet strong. Delicate yet resilient. When a woman gives you her heart, she gives her most prized possession. If you love, nurture, cherish, and protect it, she’ll give you the world.

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Empowering Our
Women And Girls




I Speak Life



I have decided today that I will not surround myself with negative thoughts or negative people. I will pamper myself and love myself. I will give myself affirmation of my beauty and walk with confidence in it. I am beautiful from the inside out. I can conquer anything I put my mind to. I will be a great wife and mother. If no one feels they would like to love me I will love myself enough and walk away until the right person comes along. I am respectful of myself at all times. I will not allow myself to get caught up in anything that makes me feel less than I am. I am a queen and will be treated as such. I will not let pride overtake me. I will not let no one steal my self esteem. I will tell myself daily I am a good person with a good heart. I will validate my self. I will not let anyones words have impact that will cause me to look down on myself. I am a jewel. I am a great woman. I am strong and empowered. I can do it all. I can finish school. I can go back to school. I can lead by example. I am encouraged to be the best me I can be. I am confident in knowing I will finish anything I start. I will make my visions and dreams a reality. I will reach my goals. I will start my business. I will take time for me. I am free from all the baggage. I will not let darkness consume my life. My past is my past and I will look forward to my future. I will not let anyone define me as a woman. I am deserving of happiness. I am secure in myself. I will not settle for less. I will take time for myself. I will not be afraid to love or receive love. I will strive to be a better me daily. I am strong. I am empowered. I am worthy of the wait. I will believe in myself. I  will value my gems and not give them up so freely. I will speak life to myself daily. I will love my best self.


Purpose - Vision - Goals - Achieved - Winning


Closing the chapter of your Past, Living in your Present, Looking forward to your Future!

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Your Mindset

You are stronger than you think


Keep fighting for yourself, your


life and your freedom, you are


worth it

Love Yourself

a womans heart a pillar 7.28.18.jpg

We are a Sisterhood like no other we share a common thread a Heart for our loved ones, we endure what no other will endure

A Woman's Heart is the pilar of her family

We have endured many hardships, we have been broken and unrepaired this is a place of comfort release uplifting

It's A Journey



Your Journey Starts Here Are You Ready


I'm Ready to Release the Weight

I owe it to myself as I start this journey to dig deep, uncover, release, cry until cleansed of all hurt, pain, guilt, self pity, any thing that would block me from moving forward in my journey. I will face my fears and doubts with boldness and strength saying to myself I can overcome anything. It may be Years, Months, Hours, Minutes, Seconds or Days but I am determined to get to the best me in this journey and I will not let nothing or no one deter me, discourage me or turn me back. Its my journey and I am ready to walk it to my Healing. I'm starting now and I will stay the course.

NO is an Option use your NO

Be Confident

in who you are

Live Life

To the fullest


Starts on the Inside


Let's pay it forward Ladies - Let's change the perception of Unity

Give a Smile, Kind Words, A Hug or a Helping Hand,

Let's spread


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