I'm Walking in the New Me

I begin this moment walking in boldness for the woman to whom I have become I am strong you didn't break me, I am confident, I am beautiful. I am a great woman, a great wife, a fabulous woman, I am powerful I take my life back, your description of who you think I am or said I was I am not what you said, I am free the weight has been lifted, I value me, my opinion matters, I no longer care what others think of me, I will not wear my feelings for others to see, you say that I am weak and I laugh, it took me time to get here but I have arrived yes I am woman, I stand strong and tall, I got my voice back never to be silenced again, I will not settle for less I am worth more than gold, I think highly of myself, I do not live in fear, I can accomplish anything I set my mind too, I have values and morals, I am not jealous of other woman because I am secure in who I am, Your whispers and stares have no effect on me, I can own a house, have a career and family, I am a woman of many talents and I can accomplish anything I set my mind to, I win with or without you,I am beautiful, gorgeous, talented, a great woman. Don't hate on my confidence, I worked hard to become the woman I am today and I celebrate the woman who I look in the mirror and see, I salute her, give her kisses and hugs, I pamper and compliment myself, I bow down to me for the woman I see. I am walking in the new me and it feels amazing. Thank you self you did it! 

Spread Love

Take the time to attend to yourself, love yourself,. Get a massage, a facial, nails and toes done. Drink a glass of wine listen to music that calms the soul. Take a day where you don't answer no calls. Every woman needs some me time to regroup. Order a meal make your own schedule if you want to sleep late sleep late, whatever you want to do, do it for you. Lavish your own self with gifts, look in the mirror tell yourself I LOVE you, you are gorgeous and beautiful inside and out. You are awesome, spectacular, amazing. Always take time for youself at least once a month, twice if necessary. Loving me is easy.Peace, tranquility. 

Pamper Yourself



I Love Me

I love my skin, the texture of my hair, the smile I give, my self esteem is high, I love my confidence, I love my career and the strides I have made, I love loving me, I love looking in the mirror and seeing a beautiful, gorgeous, strong, empowered, educated, one of a kind, bold, awesome, happy, fulfilled, joyful woman. I LOVE ME

You Are a Priceless Diamond

I Am Restored

I Am Empowered, I Am Strong, I Am a Survivor, I Am Focused, I Am the Best Me Ever, I Am Love, I Am Woman, I Am Purpose, I Am Free, I Am a New Beginning, I Am Great, I Am Happy, I Am Amazing, I Am Talented, I Am Beautiful, I Am Gorgeous, I Am Smart, I Am Kind, I Am Pretty......I Am Restored


I am Jumping with CONFIDENCE

I am Capable of Doing Anything I put my Mind to......POWERFUL....Empowered

NO Negativity ONLY Positive Vibes

As I look at myself in the mirror, I realize I am strong, I am beautiful, I am talented, I am secure in who I am, I am a powerhouse, I am full of vitality, I stand firm in my speech, I command respect, I am present in the room, my energy can be felt.........Who Am I..........I AM CONFIDENCE!!!!

I Love It - I  Believe in Me -

Walking Bodly in

My Confidence

Let the beautiful you overflow, don't hide it!