I'm Walking in the New Me

I begin this moment walking in boldness for the woman to whom I have become I am strong you didn't break me, I am confident, I am beautiful. I am a great woman, a great wife, a fabulous woman, I am powerful I take my life back, your description of who you think I am or said I was I am not what you said, I am free the weight has been lifted, I value me, my opinion matters, I no longer care what others think of me, I will not wear my feelings for others to see, you say that I am weak and I laugh, it took me time to get here but I have arrived yes I am woman, I stand strong and tall, I got my voice back never to be silenced again, I will not settle for less I am worth more than gold, I think highly of myself, I do not live in fear, I can accomplish anything I set my mind too, I have values and morals, I am not jealous of other woman because I am secure in who I am, Your whispers and stares have no effect on me, I can own a house, have a career and family, I am a woman of many talents and I can accomplish anything I set my mind to, I win with or without you,I am beautiful, gorgeous, talented, a great woman. Don't hate on my confidence, I worked hard to become the woman I am today and I celebrate the woman who I look in the mirror and see, I salute her, give her kisses and hugs, I pamper and compliment myself, I bow down to me for the woman I see. I am walking in the new me and it feels amazing. Thank you self you did it! 

I Am Restored

I Am Empowered, I Am Strong, I Am a Survivor, I Am Focused, I Am the Best Me Ever, I Am Love, I Am Woman, I Am Purpose, I Am Free, I Am a New Beginning, I Am Great, I Am Happy, I Am Amazing, I Am Talented, I Am Beautiful, I Am Gorgeous, I Am Smart, I Am Kind, I Am Pretty......I Am Restored


I am Jumping with CONFIDENCE

I am Capable of Doing Anything I put my Mind to......POWERFUL....Empowered

NO Negativity ONLY Positive Vibes

As I look at myself in the mirror, I realize I am strong, I am beautiful, I am talented, I am secure in who I am, I am a powerhouse, I am full of vitality, I stand firm in my speech, I command respect, I am present in the room, my energy can be felt.........Who Am I..........I AM CONFIDENCE!!!!

I Love It - I  Believe in Me -
Walking Bodly in
My Confidence

Let the beautiful you overflow, don't hide it!