Beautiful Ladies

You Are A Queen

See Your Past, Live Your Present,

Expect Your Future

You are a "flower" that is ready to bloom, so bloom

Ladies This is the Beginning

The                Mirror of Your Past is Gone Look Forward to Brightness of Your Future!

You Got This!!! You Win!!!

The Vision – Hope, Dream, Believe


We live in a society that ignores the struggles of a woman. As a child she dreams of being with the one who will love her until the end of time, the wedding day and the house. Only to find that vision of happily ever after will be shattered and she will find herself lost and feel hopeless.

This woman is a woman who lives in the shadows of her mate.  She feels that everything that is happening to her is her fault, losing her self esteem shrinking in the darkness of her mind.  She does not feel she can escape and because of her children she feels she has to suffer through the abuse.

Envision her with selective things she is able to do and yet she has to fulfill the needs of her mate answering to his every call.

We have to change this and put the strength of a woman voice back where she can hear it. This is a building process because of the years and the layers of abuse and scars.  We have to create a new foundation in which she can stand on and help her to know that it will not sink like quick sand.

A place with other woman present that has similarities in the struggles of shaking the abuse, building her up step by step until she no longer leans or bends she stands and she stands strong.

We must help her to realize her beauty is not just the outer but the inner beauty.  Let her know when she looks at herself in the mirror she is beautiful and strong. Help her to become independent and break away from the word that rings in her ear “you are worthless”.

Building her self esteem put the smile back into her heart and be the woman who walks in the boldness of knowing who she is.

A place where she grows mentally, physically and spiritually, realizing that she is not what she has been fed and shake the dark cloud that has been cast over her head raining rocks that constantly beats one beat after the other of negativity.

We can help her be strong by providing various programs of self sufficiency, turning negatives to positives and providing her with the tools that she would need to succeed.

I Am Woman, a New Beginning

You are in control of your destiny, let no one detour you from being the best you, you can be!

Take the Time to Love Yourself, Never let anyone tell you are not beautiful!

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Giving will be for struggling woman who needs a hand up

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