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You Are
      A Queen

See Your Past, Live Your Present,
Expect Your Future

Your Journey Starts Here Are You Ready

Let's pay it forward Ladies - Let's change the perception of Unity

Take the Time to Love Yourself, Never let anyone tell you are not beautiful!

I owe it to myself as I start this journey to dig deep, uncover, release, cry until cleansed of all hurt, pain, guilt, self pity, any thing that would block me from moving forward in my journey. I will face my fears and doubts with boldness and strength saying to myself I can overcome anything. It may be Years, Months, Hours, Minutes, Seconds or Days but I am determined to get to the best me in this journey and I will not let nothing or no one deter me, discourage me or turn me back. Its my journey and I am ready to walk it to my Healing. I'm starting now and I will stay the course.

Woman releasing the weight

I'm Ready to Release the Weight

Join Us

Empowering Our
Women And Girls
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In Person



Coming Soon -

Giving will be for struggling woman who needs a hand up.

(Single Mothers and Women of Domestic Violence)

Over the Phone


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